Support the community by supporting the organizations that serve the community.

Your Generosity Matters

Donate to a worthwhile cause

There are a lot of great organizations to donate to – many are local to Fannin County. Check out the community resources page for a few great ideas. Organizations like the Fannin County Ministerial Alliance provide help to many members of the community as well as ongoing service throughout the county. If you would like to support the Ministerial Alliance please consider donating online today. Your donations directly help families and individuals in our community throughout the community.

Donate clothing to a shelter

There are a few shelters in the greater Bonham area, and your donations are helpful and appreciated.

Fannin County Family Crisis

If you work out of the area or have another favorite shelter, please feel free to donate to them. There is a great need for clothing throughout all of the North Dallas shelters.

Donate food to a local food bank

Food banks are always in need of food donations and volunteers. Contact a local food bank to see how you can help today!

Fannin County Food Pantry (903-583-3663)

Donate your time

There are many ways you can donate your time such as community service projects or church sponsored events. Encourage our work to take part in community service events or find other ways to support the community. Maybe you can volunteer to help get that started.

Look beyond the obvious. Time is arguably the most valuable resource we have. Any time you share it you can bring joy and peace to someone else. Help a neighbor, visit a nursing home, volunteer in a community service organization, there are many things you can do that are both small and large. You can start something too!

The Fannin County Ministerial Alliance often sponsors and takes part in community service opportunities, helping local churches know of ways their congregations can help.

You can find other service opportunities at a site listed below:

Double your donation

Check with your employer… many employers will match your donation to a worthy cause.